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Stump Removal

Safe Tree and Stump Removal in Alabaster, AL

Maintain a beautiful landscape by removing all of the dead trees in your yard. Zamora Tree Service LLC has over 15 years of experience in tree and stump removal in Alabaster, AL. Our contractors offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure commercial and residential customers’ safety. Contact us today for a free estimate at affordable prices. 

Eliminating Safety Hazards

Protect your loved ones and lawn equipment with our stump removal services. Stumps left alone in the yard are a tripping hazard, especially for children and older adults. Additionally, dead tree stumps are hazardous when mowing the lawn, potentially damaging the equipment and property. By professionally removing the stump, home and business owners ensure everyone’s safety

Controlling Tree Growth

Stump removal is necessary to control tree growth in gardens and yards. Without tree maintenance, roots spread and regrow in unwanted locations, causing significant property damage. Avoid costly repairs and reach out to our tree service company in Alabaster, AL. We take all necessary precautions to prevent new growth in houses and businesses. 

Avoiding the Spread of Infestations & Disease

Prevent infestations and disease with dead tree removal services. Stumps attract insects and pests that cause a health hazard to a yard, infesting other trees and even buildings. Furthermore, decaying stumps may grow fungi and diseases that could spread and kill healthy trees 

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