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Get Superior Stump Grinding in Alabaster, AL

Uphold the safety and appeal of your property with stump grinding in Alabaster, AL. With a specialized wood chipper, Zamora Tree Service LLC can grind any protruding stumps up to six to eight inches below the ground to eventually decompose as the years pass. 

Stump grinding is a great way to clear your land of any obstructions that could become a safety hazard. Grinding the stump is also an immediate solution to eradicating pest infestations or diseases that may affect other wood on your property.  

Tree Trimming

Another option for pest prevention and maintaining safety on your land is tree trimming. Dead, diseased, infested, or overgrown branches can easily break off and become a safety hazard. To avoid any possible accidents caused by falling branches, our team can identify branches that need to be trimmed. 

Our dedicated team can assist you in determining whether or not your trees pose an immediate threat to people or surrounding properties. We provide tree care services that include a comprehensive tree risk assessment. Through the assessment, we can utilize efficient and effective solutions for your unique tree needs. Contact us for more information or to schedule a service 

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