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Keeping your trees beautiful and healthy year-round is important to improving the curb appeal of your property. However, this task takes a lot of time and requires extensive technical expertise to ensure it is done properly. For situations like these, choose our company as your go-to tree care service. Alabaster, AL, customers and those in the surrounding areas turn to our arborists to manicure their trees, trim their shrubs, and help their yards thrive. 

In addition, we conduct comprehensive tree risk assessments to determine whether or not your trees pose an immediate threat to people or properties. Our tree service company can cable and brace weak branches so they have more rigid support during storms, making them less likely to fall. We also complement our tree removal services with thorough stump grinding to eliminate any chance of tree regrowth. Should you wish to have trees planted in your yard, we have you covered. 

You can always count on our team to observe all necessary safety measures and use the latest and most advanced equipment when transforming your yard. Rest assured that we work quickly and efficiently and clean up after ourselves after completing your project. Schedule a consultation with Zamora Tree Service LLC today so we can address your unique tree care needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

We Get the Job Done Right

At Zamora Tree Service LLC, our first priority is safety and excellent workmanship. Rely on us to understand your tree care needs and deliver the top-quality results you’re looking for.

We Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Tree trimming and pruning can be difficult and dangerous tasks that require extensive knowledge and specialized tools. However, keeping your trees in excellent condition doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Simply entrust the work to us, and we’ll get it done right for you.

We Make Sure You’re Safe

Though trees are a significant asset to your property, they can also be a hazard to structures or people. Whether it’s a decaying trunk that’s likely to topple or dead branches that could fall down, these problems should never be overlooked. To ensure your safety, our team of professional arborists will prune and remove trees that pose a risk.

Our Services

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Stump Grinding

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Tree Removal

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Tree Risk Assessment

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Tree Cabling & Bracing

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Tree Trimming

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Tree Pruning

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Tree Topping

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Tree Planting

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